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food tutorials


  LIME & CHIA   To make 1.5 lt – .397 gal of lime refresher you will need: 5 limes 1.5 lt – .397 gal of chilled water 180g – 34 oz of caster sugar 40g – 4 tsp chia seeds  You will also need a blender and a colander METHOD begin by slicing the […]

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Mexican Red Salsa

  FRESH RED SALSA Enjoy this salsa with some tacos, grilled meat, wraps, potato nuggets, and even schnitzel!  INGREDIENTS 3 ripe tomatoes 1/4 onion The juice of 1/2 Lime One or two serrano chillies (you can use jalapeño as well) And a pinch of salt And optional half a clove of garlic You will also […]

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Tamarind refresher

  TAMARIND  INGREDIENTS 250g – 8.81 oz clean tamarind pulp 2 lt- .528 gal iced water 250g – 8.81 oz caster sugar You will also need a blender and a colander.  You can buy the tamarind fruit whole or you can also use the pulp that is sold in packs or jars. You can find […]

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  COCONUT HORCHATA This delicious horchata goes excellent with Mexican food of course but also with spicy afro Caribbean and Indian food!  INGREDIENTS 1 tin of 400ml – 13.52 fl oz of coconut cream – make sure is not milk but cream- 500ml – 16.90 fl oz of milk you can use soya or another […]

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  GUACAMOLE Guacamole is lovely as a starter with some corn chips or vegetable crisps. In Mexico is often served at barbecue-parties as the creaminess and fresh flavours of guacamole pair excellent with the smoky flavours and textures of grilled meats. INGREDIENTS Makes enough for 4-5 people 3 ripe but firm hass avocados. 1big tomato […]

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    PICO DE GALLO SALSA There is no fresher salsa than this, it is juicy, fresh and spicy, try it with grilled chicken, quesadillas, cheese on toast and even fish fingers! INGREDIENTS 3 ripe tomatoes 1/4 onion 2 tbsp of coriander The juice of 1/2 Lime One or two jalapeño or serrano chillies And […]

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  HIBISCUS REFRESHER Agua de Jamaica or hibiscus, a very intense and tangy flavour that goes really well with spicy food! INGREDIENTS To make 1.5 lt – .396 gal of agua de Jamaica- hibiscus refresher you will need: 150g – 5.29 oz dried hibiscus flowers. 1.5 lt – .396 gal chilled water 250g – 8.81 […]

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