Tamarind refresher




  • 250g – 8.81 oz clean tamarind pulp
  • 2 lt- .528 gal iced water
  • 250g – 8.81 oz caster sugar

You will also need a blender and a colander.

 You can buy the tamarind fruit whole or you can also use the pulp that is sold in packs or jars. You can find these presentations at Afro Caribbean, Filipino or Chinese minimarts.

If you buy it as a paste make sure is not salted.


  • If you buy the whole tamarind, peel the pods and and clean the pulp, then you can either soak them overnight in hot water or boil them for 10 minutes and let cool completely.
  • Remove the seeds, don’t worry too much If you missed some seeds as you will use a colander.
  • Transfer the tamarind pulp and water into the bender, add some more water and liquefy the fruit, it will be very noisy as there’s always some seeds left.
  • Pass the concentrate through the colander, discard the seeds and bits.
  • And add the remaining water and sugar.
  • The sugar will take a while to dissolve so you might need to give it a good whisk before serving.
  • Make sure it has enough sweetener for you, tamarind has a very strong and tart flavour but you also want this refresher to be sweet.



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