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The Magic of Supperclubs

 supperclubguestsPicture this:

A an almost bare minimalistic diningroom, framed with fairy and tealights, seats neatly aranged and table handsomely presented with bouquets of wild flowers, music and home-made delicacies pour from the open kitchen, the black piano becomes another dish on its own and in that perfect canvas magic happens: hungry strangers in a stranger’s house have come together to break bread, enjoy life, discover and even make friends for life… if only for the night.

Underground counterculture has always been the other side of the main stream coin. Supper clubs are a response to the formality and blurry uniformity of restaurants, their existence is based on the three basic needs: to eat, to socialize, to explore.

Foodie startups are no doubt a deliciously sophisticated form or anarchism, supper clubs have been around since the last century, secret dining societies gather at private houses either by invitation or pre booking and enjoy home-made meals while strangers become friends.

They can take place in a flat, a barn, a warehouse, terrace or a deck, the sheer authenticity of sharing your own space and share your talents with others  by creating tasty memories with your own creativity,  resourcefulness and passion for good food.

We seldom think of home cooks as trendsetters-gastronomic insurrects; setting up a supper club in your house gives passionate cooks a low risk taste of a food startup, make some extra money and using and develop your culinary talents. 

In a world where creative capital goes hand in hand with a service driven economy, sometimes we fail to look beyond the great urban centres, but we might underestimate the potential that a food startup might have even in remote rural communities.

Being a special guest cook at a well established supperclubs are some  of the more rewarding experiences experiences I’ve had. Truly humbling and fulfilling. 

supper club menu

What does it take to run a supperclub?

Although being an accomplished cook is essential, planning, budgeting, tidiness and even other skills such as basic waitressing and hospitality skills are indispensable. Whether you team up or go solo, it is important that you remind yourself constantly that it is a business and you have to treat it as such, it is not a dinner for your mates where anything goes.

  • People will pay good money and expect quality in food, a relaxed enjoyable experience and a warm but respectful service from you.

  • Balancing work and life has never been easy, but running a home-based business can make things extra complicated in wonderful and terrible ways.

  • Getting help from family and friends is a good start, but you want to keep business and friendships good, a fair remuneration with essential rules about each other’s duties will keep things running smoothly.

 supper club


Some tips to keep your agenda booked include:

  • Make it easy for people to find you online. Go full socialmedia, make an effort to post good pictures of the preparation, your guests, the venue and food, marketing, marketing, marketing.

  • Never underestimate the word of mouth, specially because your initial costumers might live in the same city and you want people to hear all about how awesome their experience was.

  • Keep a guest book for your customers to sign before they leave. This will help you keep track of their feedback and get their contact details.

  • Write and deliver at least one newsletter and ask your contacts to share it with friends and family.

tres leches supper club

What to consider when thinking about jumping in?

  • Be prepared to invest a fair amount to create the right environment, have functional facilities, be familiar with the standard guidelines for food safety regulations, click here.

  • Invest in cooking equipment, invest in some good cutlery, crockery & tableware, it doesn’t have to be too fancy but good impressions will keep your customers coming back.

  • Make sure you get the help you need. A long night rushing back and forth to the kitchen and mains sure everyone is doing great is not as easy as it sounds, ditch reluctant helpers, instead try paying a modest but fair fee to someone to do it properly.

  • Be flexible. Even when you plan everything ahead, there’s always something that will need to be changed last minute.

  • Be prepared, professional but maintain a warm human touch, after all if your guests want to go to a formal restauran why would they come to your house for?

  • Be friendly but always polite. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t approach this with a good degree of candidness as you would a for a dinner party. Because in a sense, this is exactly what it is.

  • People will enjoy knowing about what you’ve so carefully prepared, a little introduction to each dish will set the mood to fully and consciously appreciate it.

  • Take time to chit chat with the guests, they will feel looked after and welcomed.

  • And lastly, the most important lesson was to keep pushing myself to have new experiences and broaden my possibilities.


My nomadic life keeps me busy travelling back and forth exploring cuisines from across the pond, but I always make time to help you build your perfect Mexican menu, provide useful help and guidance to tasty authentic food. Dont’ forget to check with me if I’m available to book as a guest cook.

Read more about working with me here.

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