Mexican Red Salsa



Enjoy this salsa with some tacos, grilled meat, wraps, potato nuggets, and even schnitzel!


  • 3 ripe tomatoes
  • 1/4 onion
  • The juice of 1/2 Lime
  • One or two serrano chillies (you can use jalapeño as well)
  • And a pinch of salt
  • And optional half a clove of garlic

You will also need a blender and a bowl or jar to serve.


  • Wash your chillies and tomatoes.
  • If you don’t want too much heat, remove remove the seeds and some of the veins of the chillies as seen in the tutorial.
  • Chop the tomatoes in quarters and pop them in the blender along with the onion,
  • chillies and garlic.
  • Grind into a perfect purée, and transfer to a bowl or a jar.
  • Season with a pinch of salt, and squeeze the lime.

Because the tomatoes are rich in pectin, which acts like a natural gelatine it will naturally tend to solidify and split, which is why you want to serve it as fresh as possible.

If you want to keep it for a day or two in the fridge, simply give it a good shake before using it, but since it’s so easy to make it’s worth preparing it right before enjoying it.



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