Xochimilco’s floating allotments, Frida Kahlo’s wedding, The Aztecs’ tobacco. Ep. 05


Presented by: Rocio Carvajal Food historian, cook and author.


Xochimilco’s floating allotments, Frida Kahlo’s wedding, The Aztecs’ tobacco.

This week I’ll  take  you  to  navigate  with  me  the  floating  allotments  of Xochimilco, the so called Venice of the Aztec empire, we’ll invite ourselves to Firda Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s wedding and we’ll find out which non edible plant accompanied pre-Columbian aperitifs and digestives alike, I’ll give you a clue, Sir Walter Raleigh went bunkers for it when he was introduced to it and he certainly didn’t mind the smell!


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 –   Recommended reading   –

 Lupe Rivera and Marie-Pierre Colle bring Frida and the Blue House in Coyoacan vividly to life. We learn of parakeets chattering in their cages, of the monkey Fulang Chang, of people congregating in the famous tiled kitchen. But most of all, we learn about Frida and how she welcomed people into her home. Frida was an enthusiast, and every occasion was cause for rejoicing. She celebrated birthdays and saints days and baptisms and all the popular holidays. The authors have divided the book into a cycle of twelve fiestas, among them the Posadas (at Christmas), the Day of the Dead, the Mexican national holidays, and a gala celebration called “The Meal of the Broad Tablecloths.” Included with the reminiscences are more than 100 recipes for the traditional Mexican foods that Diego loved to eat and Frida loved to prepare.




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