Discovering different gastronomic traditions and the stories behind them is the best a way to connect with a country’s heritage.

Eat, drink and discover Puebla!

Puebla is one of Mexico’s must-visit cities for foodies, the local food scene is a vibrant mix of flavours, colours, and textures of indigenous, Spanish and Middle Eastern origin.

Twice listed in UNESCO’s tangible and intangible heritage for its Colonial architecture and the immense value of its gastronomy, Puebla is a city to be enjoyed with your eyes and taste buds.

Now you can have this wonderful adventure at the tip of your fingers with an unique, practical and carefully crafted food tour to discover Puebla’s unbelievably delicious cultural history.

While Mexican gastronomy is rightly recognized as being colourful, vibrant and spicy, it has also has been misinterpreted, even distorted and limited in its representation, and as a result what we typically perceive as Mexican food is actually the menu of “Tex-Mex” inspired global chain food restaurants.

But you already know that, and that’s why you’re looking for a real experience, eating authentic, and delicious Mexican food!

Great! Now, there’s only the challenge of knowing exactly what and where to eat, how to order and what to do, because let’s face it, while sampling new things is very enjoyable, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy Puebla’s outstanding heritage sites.

Food in the city of angels.

Framed by iconic volcanoes, the city of Puebla is about 100 km south-west of Mexico City, and is an unmissable destination for food, architecture and heritage lovers.

        • When traveling, is essential to make best use of your time and capture the essence of a city of outstanding historical and cultural heritage is crucial.
        • Puebla’s great food tour’s e-book will enable you to plan ahead and tailor your perfect experience in by pairing great food with great history.
        • This carefully curated selection of tastings, eateries and visits to unique sites will ensure a safe, unique and fulfilling experience.

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If you're visiting Puebla and enjoy eating, get this guide.

Puebla’s Great Food Tour is a wonderful guide for foodies.

We found Rocio’s recommendations  to be spot on. Her guide includes historical and cultural context that enriches the experience. These are recommendations that only a local can make. If you’re visiting Puebla and enjoy eating, get this guide.

We loved Rocio’s enthusiasm for Puebla and food!

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September, 2017


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Liked it? Take a second to support Rocio Carvajal on Patreon!
Food researcher, cook and author. Editor of SABOR! This is Mexican Food Magazine and producer of Pass the Chipotle podcast.

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