The gastronomic legacy of Diana Kennedy, Food in the Austrian-Mexican empire of Maximilian I, Edible insects. Ep.04


Presented by: Rocio Carvajal Food historian, cook and author.


The gastronomic legacy of Diana Kennedy, food in the Austrian-Mexican empire of Maximilian I, edible insects.

This week we’ll pay tribute t Diana Kennedy, her work and legacy for gastronomic cultural studies; we’ll find out how the Austrian empire of Maximilian I and Charlotte of Belgium in Mexico influenced Mexico’s food and we’ll talk about the squidgy, crunchy and chewy insects in Mexican indigenous food. 





 The exciting culinary moment lived during the brief Austro-Mexican empire was captured in these famous cookery manuals under the titles of: Novisimo Arte de Cocina or Newst cookery published in 1831 promising affordable methods to prepare spanish, French, Italian and English dishes. And the book New Mexican Cook: In the Form of a Dictionary published in 1888. Click on the images to open the links.





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